손영희 Son Yeoung Hy
Yeoung Hy is the titular protagonist of this story. Somewhat stubborn, outspoken woman who is secretly a vigilante called "Hong Gil-Dong. Yeoung Hy has made a deal to marry a mysterious yangban to help save herself and her parents from debt and homelessness. However, she's somewhat regretting that deal once her new "husband" has revealed himself.
Yeoung Hy's Parents
Loving, hard-working folks. Right now, they're freaking out because Yeoung Hy has married a possible demon.
유령 Yuryeong ,The Phantom
The mysterious yangban who offered Yeoung Hy a marriage proposal too good to be true. He didn't mention that he's not human. Whatever he is...even he doesn't fully know. The circumstances are mystery to him, and because SPOILERS
"not revealed yet"
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박상훈 Park Sang Hun
The village leader's son. Yeoung Hy absolutely hates him and his family. Sang-Hun really seems to have some strange obsession with Yeoung Hy.
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